Websites built to roar your name

Businesses are one of a kind. Your website should be the same. Don’t settle for some random template that looks good enough. Your website is a reflection of your business, and because of that, you need only the best to be designed for you. With LVO Web Design, you will end up with a website that is custom designed to fit your needs, a website that will attract and leave visitors impressed and satisfied after looking you up. Whether you are a part of a small business or a large corporation, the designs we create will be accessible and compatible for any visitors.

You are busy running your business, and we know that takes a lot of time and energy. After an initial consultation with us, you won’t have to worry about your website getting designed and built any longer. With some information about your business, your expectations, and your website concerns, we take the reins and create a specialty website with the highest quality designs and performance.


Times are constantly changing in the world of website design, and LVO Web Design has lasted through it all. With experience and understanding, we continue to create successful designs that leave our own clients excited for people to see their new website. We take pride in the work we create for our clients, and we will always work to make sure you are completely satisfied with the quality of your new site. Below are just a few websites designed and created by LVO Web Design.

NTA - Aberdeen

NTA - Aberdeen

Grampian yoga

Grampian Yoga Assocation

Cults Otters Amature Swimming club

Cults Otters Amatuer Swimming Club


With over a decade of experience, Laurens van Oorschot is the mastermind behind LVO Web Design. Designing and creating websites is Laurens’s passion, and with passion comes exceptional skill. The websites built have not only pleased clients, they have also won awards for their designs. Laurens is involved with many different hobbies that help with having a vast knowledge of different subjects and fields of business.

Because of Laurens’s experience with site design, creation, and maintenance, LVO Web Design is able to create looking at the big picture, being preemptive in knowing what can happen with a website, and making sure you only get the best and most creative design for your work. Because LVO Web Design is a one person show, you can be sure you will receive VIP treatment with a real person who has the passion and dedication to making your website the true reflection of your business.